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I’m looking for new adventurous couples who are seeking authentic intimate portraits who are madly in love, enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind being a little bold with locations for that PERFECT SHOT!


WHY? My name is Alex and I’m an intimate elopement and wedding photographer based in Washington DC and throughout VA and MD.


This offer is ONLY FOR 3 ENGAGED LUCKY COUPLES who are willing to try some new locations, experiment with amazing new techniques, and not have to worry about shooting "what's expected" from a normal session


This one of a kind engagement experience is completely FREE!!


If this sounds like you and your fiance please feel free to fill out the form below! All entries MUST be received by April 20th 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST READ YOUR EMAILS! Because we want to give away the session to couples that are really following us and learning from the content that we are giving them to have the perfect wedding experience! So, stay tuned.

If you do not see the confirmation of your submission right away, good chances are that the email is in the SPAM / JUNK folder, so make sure to set up your email for receiving our content correctly.

Looking for to meet with you soon!


Do not register for this FREE Engagement Session if you do not have a venue or a date set! By having a real date, this allows us to see if we could be available and offer you the opportunity to get you a free engagement session. Winners will be announced April 24th 2020!

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Intimate Elopement & Wedding Photographer

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