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Poses That Every Couple Should Do On Their Wedding Day!

Stressing over on how to pose in front of the camera? Don't be! Here I will highlight some tips and tricks on how you can look and feel your very best on your big day as well as highlight some of my favorite poses!

I love when couples ask me during a session, "So, how do we pose!?". As an intimate elopement and wedding photographer, my goal is to make sure that I can capture you at your very best for these pictures because these are moments that we will forever cherish and the last thing I want is two unsatisfied people disappointed with their images due to lack of direction from the photographer.

Every photographer has their way of posing their subject or couples. My style consist of guiding, coaching and constantly directing my couples the best way possible to really achieve that authentic look we are craving for. Whenever I do these sessions, there are always fun because I always involve some type of activities that I will have them do to really bring out some natural expression and emotion.

Some tips I recommend before you being your session with your photographer is to BREATHE! This simple, yet easy to do exercise will relax your facial muscles and keep you in the here and now present moment.

Below you will find some poses that I absolutely enjoy watching behind the lens!


One of my personal favorite! A quick turn, dip and kiss!


This pose consist of having the pair come together and just stay slightly close side by side while having their face in contact with one and another. I recommend doing this either sitting down or standing up, whichever feels comfortable for you both!


The name says it all.This is your typical "look at the camera and smile" pose. It's not our favorite, but we do it for our parents and grandparents!


A simple yet beautiful kiss on the cheek to make your perfect life partner giggle! Just look at her smile! :)


Perfect for those ideal couples that are a fan of elopements! This right here reflects adventure and enthusiasm!


Normally when I tell my couples to do this, I have them stare at each other's eyes and gaze upon their soul. You will get a different reaction every time!


Who doesn't like that warm feeling from a hug? Especially by the very person you love and cherish the most!


The solo pose consist of primarily focusing on just one of the pair individually. I find that some couples are open to them and others are not. Either way, they make a remarkable piece of additional photos to your session and you can get creative with them as well after the session!


One of my long shot favorite! I like to capture couples and the location of the engagement or wedding to really tell the setting of the session. Not only does it look very cool, but it's very artistic!

So there you have it! Now go out there and look for an incredible photographer that will mirror you vision, intention and love story!

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