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Alexander & Johny Love Story

Our love is like the Universe; always growing, expanding and giving new life at every opportunity that it gets. If a psychic was to have told me that information when I was younger, I would have laughed my ass off while excitingly hoping that insight would someday become true. I've always been the type of person to cry in those final moments of a romantic movie and just picture myself in that intense and passionate scene. Seriously, who knew that I would fall in love at the age of 19 years old and engaged at 23?

It was summer of 2014 and I was fresh out of high school! I was still contemplating on what exactly I wanted to do as far as my career. I remember walking by the area of Columbia Heights,

Washington DC in search of a good barber/stylist to cut my hair. I came across this salon that was open and there he was. Handsome, nice and very attractive guy. He greeted me and asked if I had an appointment. I responded, "No". So he sat my butt in his chair and started to cut and style my hair. During this amazing service, we had conversations that pertain to ourselves and our goals. It was the type of conversation that you would have with a stranger and you didn't want it to end! We spoke a little bit in regards to our personal life, goals, aspirations and view on life.

After I told him that I do photography, he asked me if I wanted to take some pictures of his following events that he host every month at a gay club and I eagerly said yes! Fast forward to a few months, we established a good friendship that was built on trust and I only saw him as just a very close friend at that time.

One Christmas evening, he invited me to go out to his friend's party. There was music, food and booze! It was there (along with a few drinks hahaha) where he completely expressed how he genuinely felt towards me. I was a little shocked and surprised and after hearing that news he made the first kiss!

We have been together now for over 5 years and I am completely happy and grateful to be in this amazing relationship!

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