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3 Things That You NEED To Do When Posing For A Photography Session!

When it comes to working with a photographer it's very important to acknowledge that it takes a team to really put together your ideal vision for your elopement or wedding day! The more clear, precise and accurate you are with that, the more your able to address it with your photographer to create this plan and put it to effect immediately! I have worked with so many couple whom never worked with professional photographers, besides the one from their high school graduation, who will ONLY tell you to look at the camera and smile! Not knowing weather or not, it came out as you expected! Here are my top 3 tips I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone to do before posing in front of the camera!


This is a very simple yet powerful component because taking a few deep breathes before the photography session ensures that you are approaching the moment with a clear mind, thus reducing any anxiety, fear or stress. I personally meditate every day in the morning and I like to include this before and during any photography session that I do. I always inform all of my couples to do this because I want them to FEEL at ease, relaxed and in the present moment. By doing this, you are automatically releasing tension and relaxing your facial muscles! So there are so many internal and external benefit by doing this! Try it out and consciously BREATHE!


Laughter is the key ingredient to those fun and adventurous pictures! It's even better when its raw and authentic! I will be completely honest: I won't necessary make you laugh (or else I've would have been a comedian) but I can sure damm capture them when I see it! If you're thinking, well how are we going to laugh if the photographer isn't making us laugh? Well, that's when I will look at you and your partner! How many times has he or she made you laugh throughout the relationship? What were some of the things that was done or said that brought those emotion? Can you re-create that moment in front of the camera? Sometimes, I would witness couples tickling each other with their hands, kissing a part of their body that is their absolute weakness or try to tell a joke and that seems to work with great results! Be mindful that this is YOUR moment and YOUR love story! You have the complete permission to let loose and be yourself! But above all, just the companionship itself is all that you need for a great and fun photography session!


Absolute trust is essential and a must! You have to completely trust yourself and the photographer that you are working. Communicate with him or her on any questions, concerns and what you can expect from them. Address any issues immediately. I personally like to constantly show my couples the pictures that I am capturing to really give them an idea of what's in my dslr camera!

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