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The Guy Behind The Camera

Love is infinite and universal. It has no gender and no race. 


These are the things that I believe and follow. If it wasn't for two beautiful souls madly in love and wanting to express their love for each other in front of the camera than I would not be here! Highlighting what matters the most and the activities that you enjoy doing is my passion and fuel in life! 

Proudly graduated from New York Institute Of Photography  and with over 5 years of experience, you can rest assure that you have someone with the knowledge and wisdom to document your day. It is our concept of love and deep conversation that has brought me into documenting these special moments.  Everything that I do comes from the heart and is the very reason why I'm happy and grateful to have the support system of my loving fiance and amazing family. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do if it doesn't come from this sacred place of love and light. But enough about me, tell me about you! :)

Alexander Gomez
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Intimate Elopement & Wedding Photographer

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